FYI - High Quality Metal Roof Cladding


Face the Elements for Decades With A High Quality Metal Roof

The harsh Canadian weather can take a toll on your home, especially on the roof of your home. However, you no longer need to depend on asphalt shingles to protect your home from the elements.

Asphalt shingles have a very limited life of around a decade to protect your home.metal roof Prices of asphalt also fluctuate a lot, and worn down shingles usually end up in landfills and continue to damage the surrounding land for many years. The best way to protect your home for at least 4 decades after installation is by opting for metal roof cladding.

There are several advantages to using metal cladding for your roof. Metal is a green product that lasts for over 40 years without a hint of corrosion. This is possible due to high-tech anti-corrosion techniques such as galvanizing and polymer coating that resist corrosion for a very long time.

Best of all, metal is reusable, which in turn means your roof will not end up in a landfill after over 4 decades of maintenance-free service. Metal roofs are also very energy efficient, which in turn results in high savings in your heating and cooling bills. All these features are not available in other materials including asphalt.

New manufacturing techniques ensure you get to choose your metal roof from a wide range of colors and finishes. These include finishes that mimic wood, slate, bricks, tiles, and shingles. Your home will definitely look stunning, and the metal roof will add value to your home as well.

Since metal roofs are fire resistant, you will also be able to claim a neat discount on your home insurance policy. A regular checkup to seek out any accidental deep scratch is the only form of maintenance you will require for your metal roof.

Your durable and stunning metal roof will need to be complemented with sturdy aluminum flashings. These flashings protect your home from water flowing off your roof and prevent damage. Such flashings are also available in the form of step flashings, chimney flashings, angle flashings, and many more depending on your actual needs.

For all your roof and flashings needs, you need to hire a roofing contractor that can custom-design and install the required products. The final installation should look attractive, protect your home from water and snow, and should be able to withstand 150 mile winds along with hailstorms.

The contractor should possess sufficient experience and expertise in installation and maintenance of residential and commercial roofs, and should also have a record of finishing projects within the allocated time frame and budget. You can check out photos of completed jobs on the contractor's website before you make up your mind.

You need to adapt to changing times and shift to green roofing products that last for a long time and do not pollute the environment after its lifecycle. You should definitely consider metal roof cladding to protect your home for several decades while opting for matching aluminum flashings to ensure complete protection from the elements.

By - Lewis Benjamin